Web Design Edinburgh Prices

One thing we've noticed from our competitors is that they often seem quite reluctant to give any ideas whatsoever as to the costs involved in the development of a website.  

To an extent this is down to the fact that each project has to be taken on its own merit and that some people are more specific in their requirements than others and so it's hard to determine time involved in any given project without sitting down with the client and discussing in full with them.  With that said, I'm sure the most dreaded phrase that any web design agency could utter to a new client is "What is your budget?" as in our experience many people worry this translates as "How much can we get away with charging you?!"

At Arcas Web Design we work on a standard hourly rate of £60+VAT per hour and this covers pretty much all work we perform - from design to configuration, site coding and building, SEO stuff and more.  So how much a site will cost really comes down to how many hours work is involved and so we thought it might be useful to provide you with some rough guidelines as to how much time we would need for common types of sites.

Please note these are guides and just meant to give you an idea as to costs involved - if you are interested in having a site done by us then get in touch and we'll give you something more specific.  All costs are based on a site which is editable by yourself and uses a custom design by us.


Type of Site


Est. hours


Est. cost


Basic "pamphlet" site
A basic website of around 5-6 pages of text and image content, including a contact form.


10 hours


£600 +VAT


Basic site with additional features
As above but including some extra features beyond simple text and images (ie a blog)

12-15 hours

£720-900 +VAT

Ecommerce site
A shopping-style site with products, categories


from 25 hours


from £1500 +VAT