Web Design

iconDesignA website is perhaps the most powerful tool available to all levels of organisation and businesses today and if you aren't making the most of it then you are potentially losing business with each day that passes.

That is why we strive to build websites which are great-looking, flexible, powerful, easy to use and able to be delivered for any level of budget.

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Joomla Upgrades & Migrations

iconUpgradesIf you already have a site running on Joomla then we can help you perform any upgrades to either the core system or any extensions which you might have which is vital for both the security of your site and to ensure you have access to the latest and greatest features.

We have experience of upgrading sites from/to Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.x, including fully-featured ecommerce sites and sites with many extensions running on them.  So if you are stuck with an old version of Joomla don't worry, we can help!

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Site redesign and updates

iconUpdatesIf you already have a website but are looking for it to be redeveloped, be it a few simple tweaks, a visual refresh or even a complete redesign then we are only too happy to help.  We have experience of many different types of CMSs and coding languages so if you need a hand all you need to do is ask.  

We can also convert your site to Joomla to ensure it is quick and easy to update should you be interested.

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Joomla Site Conversions

iconRedesignIf you already have a site that is non-updateable, or if it's based on a Content Management System which isn't working for you in the way you would like, then why not consider letting us convert your site to Joomla for you?

We have developed over 60 sites with Joomla over the last 4 years and with over 10,000 extensions available for the system we can almost certainly adapt what you already have.

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Arcas Protect

arcasprotect 55If you have a Joomla site it is important that it is kept up to date to protect it from hacks and other malicious activities as well as ensuring that you have access to the latest features and bugfixes.

Arcas Protect is here to ensure your site gets the love and attention it deserves by not only keeping Joomla and its extensions up-to-date but also running regular off-site backups, auditing your site to check for malicious activity and enacting various protections to keep you safe and secure!

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Joomla Training + Support

iconSupportDo you already have a Joomla website but would like a bit of help and guidance with how to use it or develop it further?  We offer training to all, regardless of whether we built your site or not, and are only too happy to support you guide you in whatever way we can.  We can also offer refresher sessions to existing clients and to new clients as well if you just need a brush-up on your skills.

We may not have had specific experience with some of the third party extensions you may have on your site (there are 10,000 of them after all!) but with over 8 years experience developing with various Joomla versions we should still be able to help.

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On-site SEO

iconSEOFor most people with websites it's important to have your site's pages ranking well for the search terms which are most relevant to you and that can often be a tricky business.

We offer a range of on-site SEO services which can help to optimise your site as well as providing you with advise and guidance on what you can personally do to achieve a good rank and then to sustain it.  If you are interested in operating a fully-fledged SEO campaign then we can pass you on to our SEO specialist for further services.

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