Keep your site safe and secure with Arcas Protect

Arcas Protect is here to take a lot of the hassle and worry away from you with regards to ensuring that your website is safe and secure.

Wordpress regularly has updates for both the core system and the various third-party extensions which can be installed on it (such as image galleries, forms etc). These updates introduce new features, fix bugs and also patch security holes so if your site and its extensions aren't kept up to date then not only will you miss out on these features but your site my be vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Whilst it is entirely possible for you to update the site yourself, Arcas Protect is here to do it all for you. Not only will we make sure your Wordpress site's core and plugins are kept up to date but we will also monitor site uptimeperform security audits of your site and perform hack repairs on your site absolutely free of charge should your site ever be compromised.


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Safe and secure for only £150+VAT a year

Updates Processed

We will upgrade both the Wordpress core and any plugins we have installed on your site to ensure they are running on their most recent version.

Site Auditing

We will run a full security audit of your site once a month to ensure that there are no problematic file or malicious content.

Uptime Monitoring

We will monitor your site to ensure it remains online and will seek to recitify if issues arise.

Free Hack Repair

Should your site ever be compromised we will work to clean the malicious content from your site and patch any security holes.

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