Arcas Protect

arcasprotect 125Arcas Protect is here to take a lot of the hassle and worry away from you in regards to ensuring that your site is safe and secure.

Just as with operating systems such as Windows or iOs, Joomla regularly has updates for both the core system and the various third party extensions which can be added onto the site (such as image galleries, forums, forms etc).  These updates introduce new features, fix bugs and also patch security holes and so if your site and its extensions aren't kept up to date then not only will you miss out on these features but your site my be vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Whilst it is entirely possible for you to update the site yourself, Arcas Protect is here to do it all for you.  Not only will we make sure your Joomla site is kept up to date but we will also take off-site backups of your entire site, perform security audits of your site using tools developed by some of the Joomla communities most expert security consultants and perform hack repairs on your site absolutely free of charge should your site ever be compromised.

We currently offer two levels of the service to cover both large and small sites:

Arcas Protect Silver
£9.99 a month +VAT

  • Once a week backup, 6 stored at any one time
  • Audit once a month
  • Joomla core updates and available 2.5 extensions included (third-party extensions are not included in Joomla 1.5 installs)
  • Hack repair free of charge

Arcas Protect Gold
£14.99 a month +VAT

  • Three times a week backup, 12 stored at any one time
  • Audit once a week
  • Joomla core updates and available extensions included
  • Hack repair free of charge

There are no minimum terms and you can cancel at any time!

For more information or to sign up for one of the packages just get in touch with us and we'll take it from there!

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  • Hack repair includes searching for and cleaning hacked files. If a repair of the current installation isn't possible then we will restore the most recent clean backup
  • Please note that Joomla 1.5.26 is the latest release in that series so we can upgrade your installation to that release if you are not already on it, however there will be no more releases past that one. It is advised that you consider migrating to Joomla 2.5, the current stable release series, in order to best ensure your site remains up to date and secure.
  • Audits include the checking of:
    • Joomla core and extensions versions
    • Checking for insecure values in main configuration
    • Checking folder permissions
    • Checking hidden paths and hidden files
    • Checking for suspicious files
    • Checking for recently modified files
    • Checking database integrity
    • Check against Google's Suspected Phishing And Malware List
    • ... and more!
  • Backups are stored off-site in order to ensure their integrity and we will restore them on your behalf. Please note that if we need to restore a backup of your site rather than just repair it then you may lose some data however it will ensure that your site is functional and hack-free!
  • Some extensions are now only releasing versions which work on a server running PHP5.3 and above. If your current hosting server is not running PHP5.3 or above then we will not be able to install the incompatible updates, however we will ensure that you are running the most recent compatible version
  • You can cancel or upgrade your package at any time there are no commitments!
  • If you cancel your package we will delete any backups we of your site
  • We will only update commercial extensions for which either Arcas or the client have a valid subscription. If your subscription has expired we will not be able to perform an update for that particular extension.