About Us

Regardless of the size of your business or organisation, or the size of your budget, we work hard to provide you with a site that give you a competitive and professional web presence.

We do not believe in forcing a design or site structure on our clients, instead we work with them to figure out what they want and how to best translate this into a website for them. Throughout the entire process we consult with our clients to ensure that they are always happy with the direction in which we are taking the site, thus ensuring that they are most likely to get the kind of site they need and want.

Simple and transparent Pricing

We have a simple and transparent pricing structure which is charged at a flat rate on an hourly basis for all work we perform - be that design, build, configuration.

We always strive to make sure that your site is delivered to a budget which suits you and if it any stage we feel that we may need to do work which goes outside of any agreed-upon budget we will seek the client's approval first rather than just plowing on ahead.

Furthermore our simple flat rate means that any particular piece of work will cost you the same in six months time as it would today - so if you want to start off simply and then add in more features or further develop your site further down the line then you are free to do so, knowing exactly how much it costs.

In most cases we only invoice once our work on the site is complete so you don't need to worry about deposits or any other monies upfront.  We also don't have any explicity ongoing charges so once you have paid for your site there are no rental lor maintaince fees whatsoever.  (We do offer support, updates and security packages which are charged on a quarterly basis however these are entirely optional).

  • All designs created from scratch based on your requirements  
  • Page build only starts when you are happy with the final design
  • Sites being developed are made accessible to you so that you can monitor and comment on site progress
  • Hosting and domain registration services can be arranged if required or you can organise this yourself